Whatever their breed or style, trust The Pet Studio to create it for you.

Come to us for our highly rated dog grooming services in Congresbury and Nailsea, North Somerset

Our groomers are experts in all key dog grooming techniques, which means that you can guarantee that whatever grooming service you require for your dog, The Pet Studio can deliver with utmost skill and professionalism.  In testament to our services, our clients come back to us time and again.  Not only because we deliver excellence in grooming standards, but also because we understand dogs – and a happy dog is a happy client.

The Pet Studio grooming salons

Our Congresbury salon

The Brand new, open plan Congresbury salon is located at 2 High Street, Congresbury, BS49 5JA.  It’s from here that Liza, The Pet Studio’s founder, delivers her academy training and therefore you can book your dog in with our Academy students at a discounted price – whilst still receiving a great service. Our Academy students are fully supervised at all times during their training, so you can rest easy that your pet is in the best hands for their grooming experience.

We also provide a full dog grooming service – so whether you require hand stripping, clip and style, teeth cleaning or a special puppy visit, Liza and her daughter, Skye are on hand to provide them!

Find us at 2 High Street, Congresbury, BS49 5JA

Call us on 01934 906080 or for Academy queries call Liza on 07976 818983

Our Nailsea salon

You’ll feel immediately welcomed at our open plan salon at Nailsea, where our Salon Groomers always ensures that our canine clients (and their humans) always feel completely comfortable and stress-free.

We provide all grooming services, including clipping and styling, hand-stripping, de-matting and ultrasonic teeth cleaning.  And what’s more, all of our grooms include a full bath, nail trim and ear clean as standard – no need for costly add-ons!

Whatever your dog’s breed or style, you can be assured that The Pet Studio @  Nailsea will deliver on professionalism, style and care.

Find us at 47 High Street, Nailsea BS48 1AW

Call us on 01275 855886

A grooming environment where the dog’s needs come first

We always ensure that our grooming salons provide a relaxed and calm environment for your dog.  All dogs that come to us are treated gently and kindly by our fully qualified groomers (who are obviously enormous dog-lovers themselves!) and they are given plenty of breaks throughout the grooming process to make sure they remain stress-free and comfortable.  We also use tasty healthy treats as positive reinforcement during our grooms so that your dog comes to associate a trip to us as a happy and yummy experience!

Puppy Grooming

We want all dogs to feel welcome and enjoy their grooming process with us and not be fearful or scared! Owners are encouraged to bring their puppy’s to us for desensitisation and get them use to the grooming salon environment from as early as 4 month’s old.  We give puppies a positive and fun experience whilst introducing them to the sights and sounds within the salon.  
We like to work closely with owners to help them be able to continue their puppy’s grooming at home and we are on hand to help with handling and different types of equipment that can be used.

To us, there’s no such thing as a “difficult” dog

Do you have a nervous dog? Has your dog bitten a groomer in the past? If you’re struggling to find a grooming salon in North Somerset that will accept your dog because of difficult behaviour in the past, then you can stop searching.  The Pet Studio has you covered.

At The Pet Studio we specialise in dogs that are scared and nervous of the grooming environment. Even dogs deemed as aggressive or difficult are welcome with us because we take the time to understand the dog, work closely with their owners and ensure that we provide a calm and enjoyable grooming experience.  Some dogs are calmer when their owner remains in the studio during the groom, so we welcome you to stay! 

Some dogs have negative feelings about the grooming environment because they associate grooms with discomfort. But we work together with owners to help them maintain their dog’s coat between grooms which means less chance of matts or tangles that can irritate or upset a dog during a professional groom.

And remember, with over 20 years’ of grooming experience in-house, there really isn’t anything that we haven’t dealt before!

We are hand stripping experts

If you have a wire-coated or silk-coated dog, you’ve probably already realised that not all groomers are able to accommodate the techniques required to keep them looking their best.  Because these breeds have coats that require periodic “hand stripping” in order to be groomed to breed standard.

Hand stripping involves removing the dull, older hairs in your dog’s coat by hand. The reason that this is encouraged is that it allows for stronger hairs to grow through and thus ensure a fuller, more vibrant coat and shinier texture.  

If you’re looking for hand stripping expertise for either wire-coated Terrier breeds or silk coated Spaniels we have the expertise and knowledge in this.  With over 20 years’ experience, we pride ourselves on offering this specialist service to our clients, and we work closely with you to ensure we create the finish that is absolutely perfect for your dog.

Looking after your dog’s oral health with ultrasonic teeth cleaning

Protect your pet’s dental health with a regularly scheduled oral hygiene routine with The Pet Studio. We use state of the art ultrasonic oral hygiene technology to provide a complete teeth, gum and mouth clean for your dog without the drama.

The equipment we use has no scary movement or vibration, and causes no pain or discomfort, which means a stress-free experience for your dog.

It also cleans more deeply beneath the gum line than traditional teeth cleaning methods which means a better clean and fresher breath.  What’s more, this technology also has an antibacterial effect which cures and prevents gum inflammation.

Benefits of ultrasonic dog teeth cleaning:

  • Deep cleansing and tartar removal – much better doggy breath and a healthier, cleaner mouth
  • Reduces gum inflammation – no sore or bleeding gums which can affect a dog’s ability to eat
  • Cleans without movement, vibration or noise – which means that dogs are able to tolerate the process with no stress or upset.

Contact us to discuss your dog’s oral hygiene needs!

The Pet Studio @ Nailsea – 01275 955 886

The Pet Studio @ Congresbury – 01934 906080

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